Mercato | Mercato – PSG: Wijnaldum ignites for the arrival of Leo Messi!

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Posted on September 18, 2021 at 5:45 p.m. by HG

Now teammate of Lionel Messi at PSG, Georginio Wijnaldum has not hidden his joy at being able to work daily with the Argentina international.

< p> They could have met at FC Barcelona this summer, but it is indeed at PSG that they are playing this season. Georginio Wijnaldum was indeed announced for a while as close to joining the Catalan club, but Paris emerged and was quicker to complete his arrival on a free transfer following the end of his contract at Liverpool . As for Lionel Messi, everyone knows the story, with a Barça who was not able to extend him because of his too high payroll, which allowed the PSG to make him sign a two-year contract. And Georginio Wijnaldum does not hide really being delighted to have the chance to be able to evolve with the Argentinian striker in the French capital.

“I am proud to be able to share the locker room with him”

“Obviously I am happy like the whole team that Lionel Messi has joined PSG. Besides, the whole club, the members, the supporters, the League and even the whole of France are delighted because he is just one of the best players of all time. I'm proud to be able to share the locker room with him, train with him and play the matches alongside him. So far you know, I've always played against him, and it was always really hard. So now I'm going to appreciate having him on my side. It’s even better because I’ve gotten to know him better now. He really is a truly humble person. Each of the players who will play alongside him will appreciate him because he is a very good person, “said Georginio Wijnaldum in an interview with FootMercato.

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