Mercato | Mercato – Real Madrid: A radical decision taken for the future of Eden Hazard!

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Posted on November 1, 2021 at 10:00 am by TM

While Eden Hazard’s situation is very complicated at Real Madrid, this could well lead the Belgian to move elsewhere in the next few months or even weeks.

In 2019, Real Madrid took out the checkbook to recruit Eden Hazard , in the hope in particular to forget Cristiano Ronaldo . A mission very far from being fulfilled by the Belgian, undermined by many injuries. And when he's on the pitch, the ex-Chelsea is a huge disappointment. Obviously, the criticism continues to multiply, which puts a damper on the future of Eden Hazard. And in this regard, Carlo Ancelotti explained recently: “If Eden Hazard asks to leave this winter? Never during my coaching career have I forced a player who wanted to leave to stay. But in my opinion that is not the case with anyone today. ”

Hazard is on the market!

The future of Eden Hazard is therefore at the center of questions. But in the minds of Real Madrid management, everything would be very clear about the Belgian. According to reports from ABC, the fate of Eden Hazard is sealed: he is in the transfer market. As explained by the Iberian media outlet, the Carlo Ancelotti player will not be selected if he wants to leave this winter to have playing time elsewhere. And if they want to wait until next summer to leave, Real Madrid will accept that choice as well.

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