Mercato | Mercato: Real Madrid did everything to recruit the new Neymar!

Posted on October 26, 2021 at 3:15 am by AM

Vexed by the known failure with Neymar in 2013, Real Madrid did everything to not let Rodrygo slip away at Barça in 2019.

In 2013, FC Barcelona achieves a very big blow by recruiting Neymar from Santos while he is presented like the new Pele. And yet, the Real Madrid At the time seemed the club best placed to recruit the current number 10 of PSG . A failure that Florentino Pérez has obviously never digested since André Cury , former recruiter of Barça in Brazil, makes a revelation on the recruitment of Rodrygo who joined Real Madrid in 2019.

Real wanted to avoid another failure like Neymar

“I'll tell you one thing. Madrid signed Vinicius without seeing him in a single game. But when they knew Barca wanted him, Florentino chose him so that what had happened with Neymar would not happen again. But one thing has happened. As they hadn't seen him, he got scared when he saw that Barca were going to sign Rodrygo, because he thought he could be the right one, and not Vinicius. And that the Neymar case could happen again. This is why he also signed Rodrygo, ”he told Què T'hi Jugues on the Cadena SER.

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