Mercato | Mercato: Zidane at PSG, a dream compromised … by OM?

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Posted on November 3, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. by AC

Currently without a club, Zinedine Zidane interests a large number of clubs, including Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United. And why by Olympique de Marseille?

His face has long dominated the port of Marseille, where he is a true idol. However, Zinedine Zidane has never worn the Olympique de Marseille jersey, since after having studied at AS Cannes , he joined the < strong> Girondins de Bordeaux , before exploding at Juventus and Real Madrid. His passage across the fence as a trainer rekindled the dreams of OM supporters. Who better than Zidane could indeed restore the image of the Marseille club? However, this is another French team that could go on the offensive! If he extended this summer until 2023, Mauricio Pochettino struggles to achieve unanimity at Paris Saint-Germain and Doha, we would not say no to an arrival of Zinedine Zidane . It must be said that his CV speaks for him, including three Champions Leagues won with Real Madrid in just two and a half years.

“I am Marseillais and that I will remain so for life”

During a long interview granted to La Provence, Zinedine Zidane however showered the hopes of Paris Saint-Germain and revived those of Olympique de Marseille, with a statement to his hometown. “Marseillais one day, Marseillais always? Ah yes! I am from Marseilles, to be sure. Even if a lot of things can happen… I left very young, I don't live here… But I come back from time to time and I know that I am Marseillais and that I will remain so for life ”declared Zidane. “Have I ever imagined wearing the OM jersey? Sure. When I was young, at 15, 16 or 17, I was in the stands to watch the games and since I was a footballer, I said to myself “one day why not”. But it didn't happen, for a lot of reasons. It would have been something strong ”.

“I do not see why he would refrain from going to PSG as a coach”

Strong words, which could however not change anything in the future of Zinedine Zidane. This is in any case the opinion recently issued by Pierre Ménès , who thinks that Paris Saint-Germain still has the right to dream. “If Zizou goes to Paris, it will be very scratchy. But I do not see why he would refrain from going to PSG as a coach “explained the former Canal +, on his blog. “The plan to coach a team of this size can only attract him. The fact that he is Marseillais, that seems rather futile to me as an argument. His results with Real Madrid speak for him “. What seems certain at the moment is that Zinedine Zidane does not intend to take a club during the season and should therefore wait until next summer, after taking advantage of a well deserved rest.

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