Mikhail Abramov: “In” Toronto “you need to withstand competition and at the same time show your game”

Mikhail Abramov:

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mikhail Abramov shared his impressions of the Canadian club's development camp.

– We went through the double-sided game at a fast pace. The guys haven't played hockey for a long time, and the first couple of periods turned out to be really difficult. But in the third, I already felt the game. We don't just play two-sided matches, but we study a lot of theory, how to work with the puck, how to play positionally. Then we try to put all this into practice.

You need to withstand the competition and at the same time show your game. Doing what I can, winning the fight for the pucks. If you demonstrate good hockey, then your chances will increase. Last season was very difficult. Quarantine, coronavirus, we were on hiatus not just for weeks, but for months. But I did everything to develop myself, I trained a lot. There was a lot of time for that, ”Abramov said.

Note that the 21-year-old fighter is a graduate of the Spartak and CSKA schools.

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