Modified Fibonacci strategy in sports betting – description and analysis of effectiveness

Modified Fibonacci strategy in sports betting - description and analysis of effectiveness Sports betting strategies

For a successful game in bookmaker, you need to use a working strategy of the game. You can find it in 3 ways:

  • Develop yourself – available only to experienced players;
  • Take advantage of existing strategies;
  • Modify according to your preferences used by other users of the theory.

The third category is the “Step forward, two back” strategy. One of the bettors based it on the well-known Fibonacci strategy

It is worth figuring out what is new in the new theory and whether it is possible with its help to be in positive territory at a distance.


  1. The essence of the strategy
  2. How to place correctly?
  3. Why is this strategy better than Fibonacci?
  4. Summing up

The essence of the strategy

In the classic Fibonacci strategy, the bet amount is calculated according to the following sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. In case of loss, the size of the next bet is the sum of the two previous ones. Upon winning, the user returns to the original size.

In the revised theory, the author suggests going back 2 steps after winning – this is the main and only difference. For example, the size of the first bet is 100 rubles.

Fibonacci bet amount Calculation formula Result
100 Losing
100 0 + 100
200 100 + 100
300 100 + 200
500 200 + 300 Winnings

According to the new strategy, after winning, the size of the next bet will not be 100 (the initial amount), but 200 rubles.

How to place correctly?

The main requirement for both game directions is to bet on an event with odds of 2.62 or more. With lower quotes, it is impossible to gain profit at a distance. This is the result of a great analytical work of two foreign scientists. Experienced players suggested using Fibonacci in the framework of the bets on a draw. Quotes are rarely below 3 (average 3.3-3.5). It is necessary to choose championships where each match takes place separately (for example, the championship of Belarus).

But this is a risky proposition. If you lose 9 bets in a row, it is impossible to win back – there is not enough deposit. There can be no more than 9 matches in any championship.

At the same time, it is simply pointless to bet on the world result in each meeting, because can be played based on a draw strategy

You can take several championships for consideration and choose promising confrontations in them.

One of the lucrative areas is betting against an outright favorite, which is worth 10 odds to win.

These are the results of the 29th round of the Portuguese championship of the 2020-2021 season. The clear favorite drew, which made it possible to successfully put the outsider on a positive handicap.

The best option is to bet against a heavily loaded leader. In such a confrontation, the quotes for the outsider become unjustifiably overestimated and it can be promising to put on his positive head start in terms of the coefficient in the region of 2.62

These are the results of the 27th round. In one case, the favorite won a minimal victory, in the other, he lost. Periodically strong clubs win crushing victories. But in any championship, the unconvincing success of the clear favorite is often recorded: a victory with a difference of 1 goal, a draw and a defeat. All this allows you to put an outsider on F (+1.5) in a promising way. For this option, bookmakers often set odds of 2 or higher. And if the leader was unreasonably heavily loaded, the quotes are close to 2.62.

Why is this strategy better than Fibonacci?

According to Fibonacci, it is much more difficult to lose quickly. After winning, the bettor makes a profit and returns to the initial bet size. If after success comes a long losing streak, he can manage to overcome it and get another income. If you start not with 1% of the bank, but with 0.5%, then after 10 losses in a row you will not be able to recoup. But the clear favorites are not so often won by confident victories within the framework of a single championship or tournament.

According to the updated theory, after success, you need to go back 2 steps. Let's imagine that the winning came after the 7th bet, the user went back 2 steps – to stage 5. After that, he lost 6-7 times (this is a real and frequent case according to any theory) – as a result, he will not have enough money to recoup even taking into account the recent net income of 7 bets.

Summing up

Before using a new development in practice, it must be tested. This is not difficult to do. You can select a statistical resource that displays the results and odds of matches. This will allow analysis on bare numbers. Then you can learn how to bet using a demo account. In case of success at a distance (at least 100 bets), you should switch to play in bookmaker, starting with small amounts.

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