Sports betting system 15 wins: description, analysis, efficiency, examples of use

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How many times have you heard stories of someone making 5 or even 10 winning bets in a row? What if we consider a strategy called 15 wins? Of course, in a row.

At first glance, this is a utopia. However, there is a strategy to make this goal a little more realistic. This is due to the fact that the technique allows defeats, even two in a row. Financial losses will be insignificant, because 5 rubles are allocated for one cycle.


  1. The essence of the strategy
  2. Sample rates
  3. Strategy Tips
  4. Summary

The essence of the strategy

Make a bet at bookmakers where you can bet 5 rubles. Minimum bets can be placed in Leon and Marathon. This amount will allow you to earn 20,000 rubles after 15 successful predictions.

The first trade requires an outcome with odds of about 2.25, maybe a little more.

If the bet enters, then 25% of the payment is deposited in the bank, and 75% is added to the next step (again with odds of 2.25). A bet on 5 rubles will bring 11.25 (5 * 2.25), of which 8.5 will go to the second stage, and 2.75 will go to the bankroll.

These rules are applied in the next 12 steps. At the 14th stage, instead of 25% of the winnings, you need to postpone 57%.

If you lose, go back two steps (for this, the postponement of part of the earnings after each success is used).

A complete fiasco will happen with three unsuccessful trades, but do not worry too much – apart from time and effort, you will only lose 5 rubles, which were originally allocated for the strategy.

Sample rates

# 1 – 5 rubles for odds 2.25. Winnings, payout – 11.25 (8.5 is used for the second trade, and 2.75 is postponed).

# 2 – 8.5 rubles for odds 2.25. Success, payout – 19.12 (set aside 25%, that is, 4.78 rubles, and put the rest on the third outcome).

No. 3 – 14.34 rubles, coefficient 2.25. Winning – 32.26 (8.06 goes to the pot).

No. 4 – 24.2 rubles * od 2.25 = 54.45 (13.61 is postponed).

No. 5 – amount 40.84, quotation 2.25. Defeat. According to the terms of the 15 wins strategy, we are going two steps back.

No. 6 – the amount will be the same as two steps earlier (No. 4 – 24.2 rubles). We have these funds, because a total of 29.2 rubles has been set aside.

The deal fails. We have only 5 rubles left, which we bet. If we win, we continue the chain as in the example above. In case of a loss, and he will be the third in a row, we lose 5 rubles and start over.

Strategy Tips

One of the main questions that may arise is how to get the 2.25 coefficient? Careful analysis may indicate certain options, but quotes for them are at best about two.

In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to play odds of 2.25 and choose a confident outcome. These can be clear wins of implicit favorites, handicap (-1), plus odds for an outsider +1.5, both will score, individual totals over 1.0 and 1.5, total total and combined bets, for example, both will score + total over 2.5.

[stextbox id = 'info'] More details about all the listed outcomes can be found in a separate article here [/ stextbox]

By the way, it is not necessary to place in single orders. An express of two or three events, especially the confident ones, is also great for a strategy. See a separate review for examples of how such twins and tees can be drawn.

Of the sports, football is the best. Matches are held almost daily, bookmakers offer a huge list, and there is a lot of information for analysis and prediction.

The strategy does not limit the disciplines and types of bets in any way – the main thing is to get odds of 2.25. And for this, both hockey and basketball, as well as MMA and eSports are suitable. You will find tips on betting on these events in the Predictions section.


Making 15 successful forecasts in a row with quotes around 2.25 is an almost impossible task. Although, there is a safety net in the form of two defeats in a row.

The strategy can be considered and even tested, since you will lose only 5 rubles in one cycle. However, to reach the end of the chain will require not only careful analysis, but also a lot of luck.

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