Sports betting system 3 out of 6, ready-made betting strategy according to the system, examples of use

Sports betting strategies

Today we will talk about such a variant of the sports betting system as the “System 3 of 6”. This system allows you to count on winning with only 50% of the predictions: you need to correctly guess the outcome of 3 matches out of 6.


  1. How to calculate the profitability of the system?
  2. What ratios are suitable?
  3. Description of the strategy
  4. Draw
  5. TB match
  6. Underdog Win (Handicap Win, Double Chance)
  7. Conclusion

How to calculate the profitability of the system?

When making a bet of the “System” type, the bookmaker will write in the bet slip only the possible winnings if all 6 events out of 6 pass. However, such an outcome is extremely unlikely, unless small odds will be used. To know exactly what odds are needed to get profitable when playing 3 out of 6 matches, you need to use the system's calculator. One, for example, is offered on the BC Leon website. A very convenient calculator, where you can register the winnings, loss of the bet, as well as the return, which is important.

We enter the coefficients of the selected matches into the table, put a checkmark in front of the potential outcome of the bet (played, returned, did not play) and see what the financial result will be. If necessary, we adjust the odds (we change 1 or several matches in the system to a higher or lower one).

What ratios are suitable?

Provided that at least 3 events play in the bet, you must take odds of at least 2.8. In this case, in the least successful scenario – winning 3 matches, you will be able to earn about 10% of the bet amount, which is very good.

And if you slightly increase the size of the coefficients to at least 3, then the net profit will grow to 35%.

At the same time, returns are very dangerous in the 3 out of 6 system. If only 2 bets win, and one more bet will be returned, such a bet is already calculated as winning. However, it will not be possible to cover the bet amount – the player will receive about 50% of the initial amount on his account. Therefore, in order to be guaranteed to have a plus when betting according to the 3 out of 6 system, even under the condition of one return, it is optimal to use higher odds – about 4 and higher.

Description of the strategy

An excellent situation for betting on this system is a football game weekend (Saturday and Sunday). A huge number of matches are played at the same time. It will not be difficult to find suitable events. We are looking for matches and outcomes with odds of at least 3 (preferably 3.5-4). We offer the following optimal betting options.


It is not easy to guess a draw in a meeting, therefore, with such rates in the system, it is better not to overdo it – take no more than 1-2. We are looking for matches of grassroots championships and games where approximately equal teams meet. In such matches, the probability of a draw is high. And the coefficient will just fit our strategy – about 3.2-3.5.

TB match

We select football games where two teams play attacking football, score a lot and concede a lot. In previous matches of such teams, such variants of the score as 2: 2, 4: 1, etc. should be regularly encountered.

We find matches and bet on long-range totals in them under settling odds (3-4). Optimal teams that often play through TB: Salzburg in Austria, Liverpool in England, Atalanta, Inter in Italy, Bayern in Germany.

We also recommend placing a special emphasis on betting on TB in matches where there is a difference in class: a meeting between a clear favorite and an outsider in the national championship, in European competitions. We advise you to focus on TB: both teams work for it, even if we don't guess with the winner, the overall performance of the meeting can turn out to be very high. So the chances of guessing TB in the match, in our opinion, are higher than the chance of guessing a draw or the success of the underdog. The main thing is to take strictly matches where both teams play on the attack and both are regularly conceded.

With 3 wins, 2 returns and 1 loss in the system and using odds of about 3.3, on average, you can win almost X6 from the bet – an excellent result.

Underdog Win (Handicap Win, Double Chance)

It is important – the underdog, which shows a good game. Great matches can be found in the Europa League match days, where many favorites play with semi-main teams and sometimes lose unexpectedly. It is best to look for good bets on the victory of an outsider in friendly matches (where many teams have a result that is far from the cornerstone), final matches of championships, group stages (when the favorite has already solved all his problems, he has no motivation). We recommend not to overdo it with bets on the victories of underdogs – take no more than 1-2 into the system.

After we have selected the matches, we make a bet. The size of the bet is no more than 5% of the bank. It is better to bet no more than 1-2 such systems per day, an extremely careful selection of matches is required, because we are talking about high odds, it is not easy to guess them. You need to aim for at least 4 winning matches in the system, because only in this case, you can get a solid win (approximately X5 of the size of the bet).


So, the system 3 out of 6 considered today gives the player the right to make a mistake – you need to guess only 3 matches out of 6, and there will already be earnings. It is highly undesirable to take whole handicaps and totals, because in case of refunds, the bet will win, but there may not be a plus on it. It is better to take a slightly more or less risky handicap, total, outcome, and get a win. Also, before placing a bet, you need to calculate the risks in the system calculator: find out whether you will get a net profit if only 3 out of 6 bets win. If the answer to this question is yes, you can place a bet. Successful game.

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