The authors of Hearts of Iron IV announced the release date of the DLC “Not a step back” about the Eastern Front

The No Step Back DLC for the global strategy Hearts of Iron IV will be released on November 24th. The developers from the studio Paradox Development announced this in a new trailer.

Features of the No Step Back add-on for Hearts of Iron IV:

  • New national focuses for the USSR.
  • New national focuses for Poland.
  • New national focuses for the Baltics. Common and separate lines of alternative history for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Army officers. The correct choice of employees of the General Staff will help to profitably apply new technologies and tactical findings.
  • Fighting spirit. Make a bet on certain characteristics of your troops by strengthening certain combat units or changing the composition of your squads.
  • Updated supply system. Scorched earth tactics, floating seaports and special supply units have been added to the logistic mechanic suite.
  • Development of tanks. With the new module system, priority can be given to speed, firepower, armor reliability, and even production cost.
  • Railway artillery. The unique and most celebrated type of heavy weaponry, specially designed for attacking trenches and fortified positions.

Hearts of Iron IV was released in June 2016 on PC. The average game rating on the review aggregator is 83 out of 100 from the press and 7.5 out of 10 from users.


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