The authors of World of Tanks presented a line of perfumes with the aromas “Evening Khimki” and “Fugas”

World of Tanks developers and biblioteka aromatov have announced a collection of perfumes and men's cosmetics based on the game. Details of the collaboration were published in a press release.

From press release From the press release:

“World of Tanks and biblioteka aromatov presented a series of 7 fragrances that from a new perspective reveal the picture of the world of tanks. Now many players and those who are close to the “tank” theme may have new stable associations of smells associated with certain events in the game. The fragrances will be an excellent addition to the image of a real “tanker”, and can also become a pleasant birthday or holiday gift for those who especially appreciate everything related to their favorite game. “

Fragrances from the World of Tanks perfume collection:

  • Pinery. “This is where the first acquaintance with World of Tanks takes place and the setting up of equipment for the next battle. Coniferous shades help to plunge into an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. “

  • Evening Khimki. “Cozy cobbled streets, a beautiful park in the central square, a magical view of the castle. Sometimes you just want to forget about the enemies on the other end of the banana, jump out of the commander's cupola and take a table in that beergarten near the town hall. “

  • The caterpillar is shot down. “A strong and strong aroma as a direct reflection of the particularly poignant game moments, so familiar to any” tanker “.”

  • Sixth Sense. “The most refreshing fragrance in the collection. Keeps you in good shape, like the same “light bulb”.

  • Landmine. “Like the shell that gave it its name, this scent contains a peppercorn.”

  • FBG law. “It equally combines notes of sweetness and bitterness, just like the Great Belarusian Rand itself.”

  • Capturing the base. “ The freshness and vibrant hues inherent in this fragrance convey a sense of imminent triumph in the final moments of the battle.”

In addition, the developers of World of Tanks have released a cosmetic set for textured towers. It includes shampoo, styling paste and shaving gel. The cost of one bottle of perfume is ₽1,950, and a complete set of cosmetics – ₽3,262.

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