The film “World of Tanks and People” about World of Tanks has been released

The Wink online cinema hosted the premiere of the documentary “World of Tanks and People”, dedicated to the multiplayer game World of Tanks. The developers announced this in a press release.

Andrey Loshak, director of the film Andrey Loshak, director of the film “The World of Tanks and People”:

“From retired officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to engineers of Uralvagonzavod, where tanks were produced during World War II, from shkoloty to business tycoons – literally the whole country is playing this game. And I was curious to figure out: why? The guys from Wargaming helped me a lot in this: they not only openly answered questions important to me as a director, but also helped me find interesting, open characters, thanks to which the film turned out to be alive and sincere. ”

Maxim Chuvalov, Publishing Director, World of Tanks Maxim Chuvalov, World of Tanks Publishing Director:

“With the release of World of Tanks for tens of millions of people, life was divided into“ before ”and“ after ”. Many of them were not fond of computer games at all. We turned to the independent documentary filmmaker Andrei Loshak so that he could see the game and, most importantly, the players with his own eyes, from the outside, and capture the phenomenon of World of Tanks in all its fullness and diversity. In my opinion, he fully succeeded. “

Earlier, Wargaming conducted a survey in honor of Motorist Day and asked World of Tanks players what cars they drive in everyday life. The leader in this top was the domestic car brand Lada.


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