The new striker of Puel lets go of his truths about his integration!

Arrived in the last minutes of the transfer window, Ignacio Ramirez already seems very happy at ASSE where his integration is going very well.

For several months, Claude Puel has been impatiently awaiting the arrival of a new striker since it is Wahbi Khazri who occupies the forefront of the Stéphane attack. And finally, in the last hours of the transfer window, the ASSE has secured the loan from Ignacio Ramirez who arrives from Liverpool FC Montevideo . The Uruguayan striker, who came into play against Montpellier on Sunday (0-2), leaves his country for the first time, but he reveals at the microphone of ASSE TV that his integration is going very well.

“My first feelings are very good”

“There are some very good football players and this is only my first session so I have to adapt. For this, I take advantage of the indications of my partners. I can’t wait to meet them at the next training session and get ready for the game. The coach speaks a little Spanish, so we can talk, that’s good. My first feelings are generally very good so I’m happy but I’m only at the start of the journey. I already feel good but obviously I have to adapt to this new dynamic but it will come with training and the days that pass, ”says Ignacio Ramirez .

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