Triple total – a strategy for express betting on football matches

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Total betting in football is one of the most popular. Moreover, most often the bet is made on the “more” option, because it is more interesting to watch the fight and root for goals, and not for their absence. It is clear that there are situations when the analysis clearly indicates an ineffective game, but they are in the minority.

Let's take a look at the triple total betting strategy. Perhaps someone will like this technique, and he will be able to effectively implement it in his practice.


  1. The essence of triple total
  2. Sample rates
  3. Outcome

The essence of triple total

First of all, it is necessary to select 3 football matches in which the passage of the upper total is expected. This is a critical step, since the performance of the system depends on the predictability of the forecast. Always look closely at strategies that do not imply bets on certain parameters, but select events based on analysis.

In this case, you are responsible for the profit or loss. What is so good about it? You will be able to work on mistakes and improve your skills, gradually achieving a profitable game, and not count on randomness.

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For the strategy, triple total is preferable to duels of equal opponents, who have good attacking lines and have problems in defense. It is clear that this is an ideal alignment and such meetings will come across infrequently, but your task is to find them and predict the number of goals with high accuracy.

Next, issue three express trains:

  • The first one consists of 3 outcomes total over 1.5;
  • The second tee – of 3 options for TB 2.0;
  • The third coupon consists of 3 bets on more than 2.5 balls.

On the first tee (TB 1.5) put 3% of the deposit, on the second (TB 2.0) – 2%, and on the third (TB 2.5) – 1%.

Try to keep the odds of the multiplier with a total of 1.5 at least two – in this case, even if you win one bet, you will not go into a minus.

Sample rates

There is nothing complicated in triple total, but examples are never superfluous.

Let's assume that the bankroll is 3,000 rubles.

Let's pick 3 matches of the UEFA Nations League:

  • Germany – Spain;
  • Ukraine – Switzerland;
  • Netherlands – Poland.

From these matches you make 3 express trains. For the first – 90, for the second – 60, and for the third – 30 rubles. The total amount of transactions is 180 rubles.

Even if only one tee comes in (TB 1.5), then the payment will be 211.5 rubles (net profit – 31.5). That is, you will still be in the black, because the odds of the express are more than two (2.35).


If you bet on totals for a long time, then you can safely find fights where there will be at least two goals. The strategy is also suitable for beginners, because it will teach you to take a responsible approach to analysis and choose the right games.

The main thing is to analyze the matches in detail, and not rely only on odds or randomness. Consider more factors, not just statistics. First of all, the total of 1.5 should break through, and the passage of the rest will be additional earnings.

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