Volleyball betting strategy 95% – description and effectiveness of the draw betting strategy

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This strategy involves betting live on volleyball. The creators of this technique assure that a cross-country ability of 95% can be achieved. At its core, it is a dogon. Let's talk about this strategy, give examples and draw a conclusion.


  1. The essence of the strategy
  2. How to bet?
  3. Who should you bet on?
  4. Example
  5. Is it realistic to make money?
  6. Pros and cons of the strategy
  7. Conclusion

The essence of the strategy

Must be live. The bets are made on the next draw – on the victory of the first or second team. Different bookmakers give different live draws. As a rule, bets are given in 2-3 draws after the current one (although in some bookmakers it is possible to bet on the next point). For example, if the 17th rally in the game is played, then it will be possible to bet on the 18th, 19th, 20th, etc. (depending on the bookmaker's office). Also, you can bet on the next live drawing after the end of the set – on the first drawing of the next one.

Bets are made by catch-up – the most profitable odds (1.9 and higher) are selected, and bets are made on winning one of the teams until it wins a point. In case the first bet loses, the amount of the next one should be such as to compensate for the previous loss and bring a small profit.

Any strategies related to catch-up, Martingale and a consistent increase in the amount of the bet are characterized by a high degree of risk. In the case of their use, work only with small (no more than 1-2% of the deposit) amounts and be able to stop in time if the series is delayed

How to bet?

Before betting on 95% strategy, you need to find the broadcast of the match, or text live, and follow the teams for at least half of the set, or the whole game. It is important that the teams play logically in the betting segment, there is no reversal, failure, recession. The ideal alignment is the alternating scoring of points by the teams.

Also, in general, teams need to be motivated and play to their fullest. We bet on the victory of one team in the next draw with a small part of the bank (1-2%) and wait for the result. If the bet wins, we again bet 1-2% of the pot to win the same or the second team. If the bet loses, we increase the amount of the next bet 2 times or multiples to cover the loss and earn a little. If there is a loss again, double up again and bet again on the selected team. It is important to catch up with just one team.

Who should you bet on?

The ideal betting situation is when teams score points one by one, confidently playing on the set. Most often, such a picture can be observed in the matches of strong men's teams (meetings of the leaders of the championships of Russia, Italy, Poland, the Champions League and other high-ranking tournaments). Such teams have strong balanced line-ups, gain points often in turns, and it is possible to calculate who will take the next rallies.

We do not recommend betting in the matches of youth, women's tournaments, as well as friendly matches. The above competitions are not distinguished by stunning intensity and high class. Teams can have different motivation, attitude, class, and can be very unstable. Also, we do not recommend betting on matches where there is a big difference in class: in this case, a serial collection of points by the favorite is possible, while the odds for winning them draws will be negligible – 1.2 or less.


Let's consider the strategy on the example of the match of the Russian women's volleyball championship: “Uralochka-NTMK – Minchanka”. BK Fonbet gave a bet in this game in live for the next draw. We choose a team and put it on the next point. As you can see from the example, it is more profitable to take Minchanka, the odds for its draws are 1.85 on pickup and 2.45 on its serve.

Based on the score of the match, the meeting is equal, all games are completed through TB. We bet on Uralochka or Minchanka by catching up until the bet wins. Then we start betting again with the minimum amount.

Is it realistic to make money?

The 95% volleyball betting strategy is essentially a catch-up. It has a place to be, but you need to use it wisely. If you have a large bank (a large amount on your bookmaker's account), it is better not to bet by catching up, because only 5-6 unsuccessful bets in a row will completely empty the game balance. Nevertheless, making money is real, over some short distances, catching up is quite a working strategy. However, the passability of 95% is deliberately incorrect. None of the existing sports betting strategies in the world have such a pass. We recommend that you play very carefully according to the 95% strategy, it is better for beginners to bypass it. Without a feeling of a match, you can succumb to emotions and lose the bank in 5-6 bets.

Pros and cons of the strategy


  • Instant calculation of bets (the drawing lasts from a few seconds to several tens of seconds). You can bet on 3-5 draws in one minute;
  • With proper luck, you can decently spin up the game bank in just a couple of hours;
  • An abundance of volleyball in live betting shops, a large selection of matches for bets.


  • When using dogon in the case of a long streak of defeats in a row (5-6 bets in a row), you can lose a significant amount, or even the entire bank;
  • You need to have complete concentration and not be distracted for a second, constantly counting who will serve, who will receive after several draws;
  • There is a large proportion of chance in hand betting. It is impossible to know for certain who will win the next point, because any little thing can predetermine the outcome of the rally: touching the net by a player, the ball, hitting the ball in the line, serving into the net or out.


Summing up, we note that the strategy is 95% risky. It is necessary to constantly double the amount of the next bet in case of losses, to risk an increasing amount. It is difficult psychologically, if you cannot close the chain of 1-3 bets, then there may be problems. Elementary, the bookmaker may not allow placing the next bet with a doubling, you can run into the limit. Also, the results of the draws are difficult to predict due to the great unpredictability. We recommend that you find matches of equal or approximately equal teams, watch the game and bet at the moment when the teams take turns gaining points – this is an ideal situation for betting.

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