Washington goalkeeper: “Ovechkin's throw is stronger than it looks”

Washington goalkeeper:

The goalkeeper of the “Washington” system Garin Bjurklund spoke about the additional training session with the team captain Alexander Ovechkin.

– He scored to me from the left circle of a touchdown in practice. I drove up to Ovi and said: “Do you want to work on the throw after practice? You are the best sniper in the world. Help me get better. ” After practice, he tapped me on the shin guards and said, “So you want this? Five throws. ” I replied: “Throw as much as you want.”

He ended up with 15 or 20 shots. His throw is stronger than it looks when you see him on TV. I had a head start – I knew what he would do, where to expect the throw from. And in the game everything will be different. There, the puck moves very quickly, and in no time he will be taken to the shot. But still, now that I’m older, I’ll have something to talk about.

He said: “Well done.” These are simple words, but they mean a lot. It turned out funny. He doesn't usually work on the shot after practice, so I appreciate that he stayed and worked with me, ”Bjurklund said.

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