Alexander Kozhevnikov: “Gusev can become a useful player for Toronto”

Alexander Kozhevnikov:

Two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kozhevnikov shared his opinion on Nikita Gusev's signing of a viewing contract with Toronto.

– What are the prospects for Gusev in Toronto? But if a person wants to go there and does not want to return to his homeland … We will look, wait. He is an experienced person. If Nikita wants to continue his career in the NHL, then he believes that it is better there. Why do we need to guess? Toronto, of course, are not such a strong team, but Gusev can become a useful player for them. What must happen in order for Gusev to finally play in the NHL? How can I know what needs to happen for it to play? – said Kozhevnikov.

Last season, Gusev played for New Jersey, but in April he was put up for an unconditional draft of refusals.

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