All the information transfer window of September 15


While the summer transfer window has recently closed its doors, the time has come to take stock for the clubs. Le 10 Sport invites you to find the latest transfer window information.

Here is the transfer window for the day, updated in real time:

13:45: PSG: Tuchel has his back to the wall for this Leonardo track!

13:30: PSG: Qatar has changed course for recruitment!

13:15: PSG: The new charge of Tebas at Barça for the departure of Messi!

13:10: Real Madrid: Ancelotti receives a strong message for this nugget!

13:00 : Barcelona: Laporta would already hold the successor of Koeman!

12:45: PSG: Leonardo tries a big blow to 0 € in the Premier League!

12:30: PSG: Leonardo warns Mbappé, he will not let go!

12:15: PSG: Haaland, Mbappé … A new colossal operation in preparation?

12:10: PSG: Raiola can change everything in the Pogba file!

11:15: PSG: The huge announcement of the Messi clan on his relationship with Pochettino!

11:10: OM: An offensive already scheduled for Caleta-Car?

11:00: Barcelona: The noose was tightening around Ronald Koeman!

10:45: PSG: Messi, Ramos .. . Leonardo lets go of his truths about his crazy summer!

10:30: Barcelona: Big news looms in the market for Laporta!

10:15: PSG: These major revelations on Messi’s first steps in Paris!

10:10: Atlético’s strong message on Griezmann’s comeback!

09 : 45: PSG: This huge exit on the arrival of Lionel Messi!

09:15: PSG: This enormous revelation on the departure of Messi from Barça…

09:00: Barcelona : After Bayern, things are heating up behind the scenes at Barça!

08:45: PSG: The mind-blowing figures around Operation Messi!

08:30: Barcelona: Towards a huge blow thunder for Koeman’s future?

08:15: PSG, Barcelona … Wijnaldum looks back on his hectic summer!

08:00: PSG: Was Leonardo right to recruit Sergio Ramos?

07: 45: PSG: Al-Khelaïfi engages in a colossal battle for Haaland!

07:30: Barcelona: Huge danger for Laporta with this former Ligue 1!

07:15: PSG: New big clue on Pogba’s future?

07:00: Barcelona: This big revelation about Griezmann’s departure!

01:45: PSG: A thunderclap prepared by Qatar? The answer!

01:30: OM: Sampaoli, recruits … Riolo’s huge declaration!

01:15: PSG: Leonardo tried a blow with Koulibaly, but…

01:00: Real Madrid: Alaba’s confidences on Sergio Ramos’ succession!

00:45: PSG: Excellent news for Leonardo with Lewandowski!

00:15: PSG: Ronaldo, Varane… This announcement that changes everything for Pogba!

00:00: Real Madrid: This Ancelotti player who played a decisive role for Alaba!

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