Karen Khachanov – on the air of “Match TV”: “In the eyes of Djokovic, fear was visible”

Karen Khachanov - on Match TV:

Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov commented on the victory of compatriot Daniil Medvedev over Serb Novak Djokovic in the US Open final.

– I recorded a voice message for him, congratulated. It was 1 am in New York, I think he celebrated 100%. Does he know how to come off? Rarely, but aptly. After such a victory, it should be celebrated, thanked everyone and move on. It doesn't matter if the tournament is bad or good. I think he already understands that he needs to move on.

What needs to be done to defeat Novak? It's always hard to exclude him from the favorites. He could actually go to the match and leave Danya no chance, but it turned out what happened, emotions took over. Fear was visible in the eyes, this pressure, he was in a total block. At the same time, he still played, Danya is a great fellow that he beat him.

Did I cry right on the court? Not on the court, in the locker room it was, in my opinion. I understand that he was bursting from the inside, – said Khachanov on the air of the program “All for the Match!”.

Open video

This was the ninth face-to-face confrontation between tennis players. Medvedev beat a Serb for the fourth time in his career and won the Grand Slam tournament for the first time.

  • The State Duma intends to present Medvedev to a state award

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