Mercato | Foot: All the information transfer window of September 24

Posted on September 24, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. by The editorial staff

While the summer transfer window has recently closed its doors, the time has come to take stock for the clubs. Le 10 Sport invites you to find the latest transfer window information.

Here is the transfer window information for the day, updated in real time:

17:45: PSG: These shattering revelations on this Leonardo's hot file!

17:30: PSG: Guardiola ready to take out the heavy artillery for Mbappé?

17:15: PSG: Guardiola, Klopp, Ancelotti… Mbappé is spoiled for choice!

17 : 10: ASSE: Khazri's huge exit on the sale of ASSE!

17:00: Barcelona: Laporta has decided for the succession of Koeman!

16:45: PSG: Guardiola has the green light to set the Mbappé file on fire!

16:30: PSG: Qatar more than ever in danger for Erling Haaland?

16:15: PSG: A future at Real Madrid? Achraf Hakimi lets go of his truths!

16:11: Official: M'Baye Niang signs for the Girondins de Bordeaux!

15:30: PSG: Achraf Hakimi reveals the backstage of his arrival! < br>
15:15: PSG: Achraf Hakimi sends a strong message on Mauricio Pochettino!

15:10: OM: Sampaoli still calls Longoria on recruitment!

15:00 : Barcelona: This big revelation on the return of Xavi!

14:15: PSG: Real Madrid have a huge advantage in the Haaland case!

14:10: OM: A Sampaoli rookie gets loose behind the scenes of his transfer!

14 : 00: Barcelona: It is confirmed for Thierry Henry!

13:45: PSG: Achraf Hakimi ignites for the arrival of Messi!

13:30: Barcelona: Huge turnaround situation for the return of Xavi!

13:15: PSG: The enormous confidence of Achraf Hakimi on his transfer to Paris!

13:00: Barcelona: These terrible Ronald Koeman's situation!

12:45: PSG: The future of Kylian Mbappé would be settled!

12:30: PSG: The Italian press sets fire to the Donnarumma soap opera!

12:00: Real Madrid: The shattering announcement of the Asensio clan on its future!

11:45: PSG: An XXL salary claimed by this Leonardo track?

11:30: ASSE: A huge project for the club sale gets complicated …

11:15: PSG: Leonardo offered Pochettino a big problem!

11:10: ASSE: A cold snap for this 100M € project!

11:00: Barcelona: Roberto Martinez's future already fixed?

10:45: PSG: Leonardo in great danger for this huge blow?

10:30: Barcelona: New shattering revelation on the future of Xavi!

10:00: Barcelona: Tuchel arrives in this file at 150M €!

09:30: Barcelona: Is it clear for Xavi's comeback?

09:15: PSG: Leonardo is trying a huge blow in Serie A!

09:00: Barcelona: Koeman responds to Laporta!

08:45: PSG: Towards an incredible thunderclap for the future of Donnarumma?

08:30: Barcelona: Barça send a clear message to Koeman!

08:00: PSG, Barcelona, ​​Real… What should Paul Pogba do for his future?

07:45: PSG: Leonardo in danger in this € 0 dossier?

07:30: Real Madrid: A strong decision taken for the future of this nugget of Ancelotti?

07:00: Real Madrid: Varane, Ramos… Pérez trapped because of Kylian Mbappé?

01:45: PSG: A big operation is taking shape for next summer!

01:30: Real Madrid: This huge update on the hectic summer of this frame!

01:15: OM: The truth about this summer failure of Longoria!

01:00: Barcelona: A smashing comeback from the Dybala track!

00:30: Barcelona: After Sterling, Laporta activates a new track in England!

00:15: PSG: Messi, Ramos… Here is the real big blow of the summer!

00:00: Barcelona: Joan Laporta progresses in this dossier r burning!

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