Odd Difference: Incomplete Fork for Draw and Odd Score in Football

Sports betting strategies

The odd difference betting strategy resembles an incomplete surebet. The technique is intended for football matches. Bets are placed on a draw in regulation time and an odd total of the fight (number of goals).

The essence of the strategy

Choosing a meeting between Sweden and Portugal in the UEFA Nations League.

Bookmaker Betcity accepts bets on the world outcome with odds of 3.4, and on odd total gives 1.9.

It is necessary to place two bets and distribute the amounts so that the profit is approximately the same. The bet size is calculated using the surebet calculator.

We allocate 1000 rubles. We bet 360 on a draw, and 640 on total odd. If one of the options comes in, the income will be 224 or 216 rubles. Be sure to round up the amounts.

This is an incomplete surebet, so scenarios are possible in which both trades lose and you lose all funds.

Inappropriate accounts – 2: 0, 3: 1, 4: 0, 4: 2, 5: 1, 6: 0 (and mirrored).

There seem to be many options that will take the money allocated for the event, but the most dangerous is the 2: 0/0: 2 score. Other outcomes are less common.

Of course, it is better to take meetings where the guests are the favorites, since it is more difficult to score a lot of goals in a foreign field. You can still make insurance on the exact score 0: 2, but the potential income will significantly decrease.

If you want to test the strategy, risk the minimum amounts and play in different bookmakers, flirting with the most profitable quotes.


The odd difference strategy looks unconvincing and is extremely risky. Especially if you combine dogon with it.

The only adequate use of the system is to add analysis. If you really choose the right matches, where it is unlikely that one of the opponents will score two goals, you can take risks. Although, there are quite a few other strategies that are much safer and more effective in theory.

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