Ovechkin's goal and pass did not help Washington win over Calgary, Lindholm scored a hat-trick

In the NHL regular season match, Washington, 0-3 behind, put the match against Calgary into overtime, but ended up losing.

The guests scored three goals in a row during the first period – Andrew Manjipane opened the score, and then Elias Lindholm scored a double.

In the second game segment, the Capitals restored equality. First, the Russian Yevgeny Kuznetsov distinguished himself in the minority, then Martin Fegervary scored from the transfer of Alexander Ovechkin, and then Ovechkin himself was noted on the scoreboard.

In overtime, the winning goal was thrown by the same Lindholm, becoming the author of the hat-trick.

Note that at the beginning of the second period, Ilya Samsonov appeared at Washington's goal, who managed not to miss in 40 minutes after 12 shots. The Russian replaced the Czech Vitek Vanechek.

For Ovechkin, the abandoned puck became the 735th in the NHL regular championships. He came close on the list of the best snipers of all time in fourth-coming Brett Hull (741), 159 goals away from leader Wayne Gretzky.

With 9 points, “Washington” took the lead in the Eastern Conference.

In another match, the New York Rangers snatched a win over Ottawa. The guests' Russian goalkeeper Alexander Georgiev reflected 26 of 28 shots at his goal. Artemy Panarin scored an assist to Chris Krider, the puck was the first in the team's performance in this match. Soon Ryan Lindgren equalized the score, and Krider scored a double and brought his team a victory.

NHL. Regular season

Washington Capitals (Washington) – Calgary Flames (Calgary) – 3: 4 OT (0: 3, 3: 0, 0: 0, 0: 1)

Goals: Kuznetsov , 22:55 (men.). Fegervary ( Ovechkin ), 27:48. Ovechkin , 38:03. – Manjipane, 9:27 (big). Lindholm, 10:59, 17:18 (men.), 62:46.

Ottawa Senators (Ottawa) – New York Rangers (New York) – 2: 3 (1: 0, 0: 0, 1: 3)

Goals: Paul, 0:41. Norris, 41:04. – Krider ( Panarin ), 54:37 (big), 57:57. Lindgren, 55:52.

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